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TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), Concussion, Stroke and ADHD computerized treatment

AC&CS is please to announce availability of computerized treatment for TBI, ADHD, and similar cognitive injuries not limited expedited stroke recovery treatment via RehaCom.

RehaCom is a comprehensive and sophisticated system of software for computerized cognitive rehabilitation. This practical tool assists the therapist in the rehabilitation of cognitive disorders that affect specific aspects of attention, concentration, memory, perception, activities of daily living and much more.

Improved Cognitive Function With consistent use the patient will see clear improvement in areas of cognitive deficit. Many tasks will reinforce the strategies of their therapist and maximize their recovery.

Individual The software is adaptable to the patient. They can work in their native language, allow for visual deficits and even use familiar stimuli - such as family images - within the training.

Remote Working RehaCom can be used remotely with therapist supervision over the internet. This means they can continue working on modules and reinforcing therapy strategies outwith their regular sessions, improving their recovery.

Resists Frustration The modules auto-adapt to the patient’s success. When they find a task difficult they will find it gets easier until they can cope. If it is relatively easy the software will introduce a little more challenge and prevent boredom.

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