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AC&CS Group 

 Founded in 2014

Where ALL Your Psychological and Neuropsychosocial Assessments and Treatment Needs are Met!

AC&CS Psychological Group

Our Vision

AC&CS staff wants to enable and empower all of their patients to develop their skills and abilities to make healthy decisions and achieve their full potential.

Here we believe that with appropriate professional support and guidance, everyone can find the best solution to meet their needs, even in the most challenging of circumstances.


They understand that it is easy to become overwhelmed and to struggle to find the right answers and offer compassionate and comprehensive care to work through challenges and have the best possible life.

Serving people with trauma or cognitive difficulties or cognitive injuries and making services available on a lien basis

Dr. Margart Donohue, Ph.D.

Margaret Donohue, Ph.D.

Expert Witness, Health and Forensic Psychologist. 

Complex psychological and neuropsychological assessment.  Evaluation and treatment of chronic, serious, terminal, rare and undiagnosed medical conditions.  Behavioral medicine treatment.  Consultation with physicians and care providers. 


Neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation of head injury.  Assistance under ADA for work accommodations, school accommodations and testing accommodations up to licensing board level. Assistance with disability applications.  Treatment of depression and anxiety.  Forensic evaluation and testimony.


Treatment in forensic cases involving personal injury, trauma and workplace discrimination.  Resource specialist.  Outcome and quality research.  Clinical treatment of behavior problems in a wide variety of populations including very young children, non-verbal individuals, intellectually deficient, ADD/ADHD, and mentally gifted. 


Psychological treatment of anxiety, depression, and behavior problems.  Providing training to psychological assistants at the intern to post-doctoral fellow level for psychological and neuropsychological assessment, and clinical psychological treatment in CBT, behavior change, dynamic psychotherapy and social learning models of psychological treatment for individual, conjoint and group therapy clients. Home visits for behavior treatment or assistance with accommodation to disability. 


Immigration evaluations for hardship, VAWA, Asylum, Adam Walsh, and U-Visa.  Career counseling and career assessment.  Business relationships with AC & CS, MedPro Services Inc., and other companies in providing psychological and neuropsychological assessments.

Website: 818-223-4116 

Our Experts

Integrated approach to clients helps expedite with their recovery

Value 01.


A.C. & C.S. offers a wide spectrum of behavioral health services to meet the unique needs of our clients’ varied life experiences and backgrounds.

A.C. & C.S. multi-disciplined, culturally sensitive, professional staff work with clients to help them utilize their personal and proven skills and abilities to achieve the maximum results for the life challenges that lay before them.

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