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05. Educational Assessment

Education Evaluation

AC&CS recognizes that sometimes most public school either do not inform parents about services available or they educational assessment not thorough enough.  These services usually are offered through public education system free of charge to parents and their children.  

However, if you need a second opinion, or assistance please contact us for consultation. 


Depending on the results of the evaluation, you might qualify for a range of accommodations. The most common accommodation is extra time. Other accommodations can include having a reader, permission to use a computer, a scribe, breaks, or a quiet room. Getting accommodations for standardized tests takes a long time, so it is important to give yourself enough time for evaluation prior to your testing date.

Note testing organizations and schools specify what tests are required to document the need for special accommodations  under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Accommodations vary by individual and must be able to be objectively documented.

 OVer 50 Years of Accumulated Practice

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Even though services are offered we understand importance of disclosure and cost. 

See our Pricing Section or click on the link below to request a customized quote.  

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