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01. Personal Injury

Emotional Injury

People who have experienced traumatic events relive those events through their memories, feelings and thoughts which has a negative effect on how people feel and function.

AC&CS staff understand the difficulties people face after experiencing a traumatic event. AC&CS staff assist clients to go through the changes with ease and help people to return to living their lives to their fullest potential.

Neurological Injury 

Our mind is a complex organs, made up of billions of neurons. It control virtually everything we do and how we think about ourselves and see the world around us.

When the our cognitive abilities are injured the rest of the body suffers as well. Life can be challenging and the changes can be difficult to deal with.

AC&CS offers assessment and computerized treatment for faster recovery.  

 Over 50 Years of Accumulated Practice

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Even though services are offered we understand importance of disclosure and cost. 

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